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Keep to obsidian

Export Google Keep notes to Obsidian

This script converts a Google Keep JSON export file to Markdown files that can be imported into Obsidian.


  1. Export your Google Keep notes to JSON format. See Google Takeout for instructions.
  2. Extract your Google Keep export file to the google_keep folder.
  3. Open a terminal and run the script with the following command:
    python --input path/to/google_keep_export -- output path/to/obsidian_export
  4. Markdown files will be saved in the Obsidian export folder.


  • The script will create the Obsidian export folder if it doesn't exist.
  • The script will overwrite existing Markdown files with the same name.
  • The script will decode HTML entities in the note content.
  • The script will use 'Untitled' as the note title if the note doesn't have a title.
  • The script will ignore notes that don't have any content.
  • The script will ignore notes that don't have a textContent field.