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This is an example/test workspace for ros melodic.


This workspace is set up to test using a ros melodic dev container using the beginners tutorials from ROS.


You'll need the following packages installed:


Open this directory in vscode

code workstation_setup/examples/ros_melodic_vscode

It will ask you if you'd like to open using a container. Hit yes!

Set up your workspace

The first thing you're going to want to do is set up your workspace.

wstool up

This will download the beginner tutorial code into your workspace.

See ros beginner tutorials.



Go to Terminal->Run Build Task or type the shortcut command.

Command line

Alternatively, you can build from the command line.

catkin build


In order to run the tutorials, first you'll need to source your workspace.

source devel/setup.bash

Then run the tutorial you're interested in, for example

roslaunch roscpp_tutorials talker_listener.launch