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This is an example using ros2 dashing + vscode + docker.

Quick start

  1. Open this folder in vscode and load the container.
  2. Download the example package

  3. Build the code in the attached terminal.

    colcon build

Detailed instructions

Get the example code

Run the script get_code to download the example code.


This will download the ROS packages listed in the .rosinstall file.

Note: you can also run

mkdir -p src
vcs import < .rosinstall src

to get the sources listed in the .rosinstall package.

Update the dockerfile for your user/group

If you're user id/group is different than the default 1000/1000 for linux, you will need to edit the container with your user id/group.

Note: To find your user id/group:

bash id -u #user id ig -g #group id

Open the folder in a remote container

Open the command pallet and select the Remote-Containers: Open Folder in Container option.

VSCode will build the docker file and mount the folder into the container.

From here, you can build the source by running the build task.

Terminal->Run Build task

This will run

colcon build

in the current working directory.


The deployment steps for this workflow are similar dev_release release workflow. Development is performed in a different container than the release, where the build outputs are copied into the release container.

Run the release script on the host computer.


This will build the release container by copying the built targets into the host into the /opt/docker folder.

docker build -f ./.releasecontainer/Dockerfile -t vscode/ros2:ros2_dashing_vscode .

You may want to change the tag name to fit your project.