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This plugin enables you to build a documentation site from markdown interspersed within your repository using mkdocs.


You may be wondering why you would want to generate a static site for your project without doing the typical "wiki" thing of consolidating all documentation within a single docs folder or using a single README file.

  • My repository is too big for a single documentation source.

    Sometimes it isn't feasible to consolidate all documentation within an upper level docs directory. In general, if your codebase is too large to fit well within a single include directory, your codebase is also too large for documentation in a single docs directory.

    Since it's typically easier to keep documentation up to date when it lives as close to the code as possible, it is better to create multiple sources for documentation.

  • My repository is too simple for advanced documentation.

    If your codebase is very very large, something like the monorepo plugin might better fit your needs.

    For most other medium+ repositories that have grown over time, you probably have scattered documentation throughout your code. By combining all of that documentation while keeping folder structure, you can better surface and collaborate with others. And, let's face it. That documentation is probably all in markdown since Github renders it nicely.

  • I want a pretty documentation site without the hassle.

    Finally, you may be interested in this plugin if you have a desire for easy-to-generate stylized documentation. This plugin lets you take documentation you may already have -- either in markdown files or in your code -- and formats them into a searchable documentation website. You can keep your documentation where it is (thank you very much).

See mkdocs-simple-plugin for usage.


See the contributing guide


This software is licensed under Apache 2.0

Last update: August 25, 2023