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ignition vs. gazebo

A collection of tests between gazebo and ignition. For a detailed analysis, see my article comparing ignition and gazebo.


All tests are located under the tests directory.

Each test has a standalone script to launch the simulator.

Simply run ./ or ./ to launch the test with the desired simulator.

Test setup

Tests are created using xacro. This ensures that the same properties are used in both simulators. The SDF also sets several GUI properties, which are not compatible between programs. A separate macro was created for each simulator and included in its respective test.

Development Environment

VSCode Container

The test setup includes a VSCode container IDE, which pre-installs gazebo 11 and ignition citadel. If you're on a Linux system, the scripts will launch the respective simulation (including Gazebo GUI).


If you wish to run the tests natively instead, you'll need to have Gazebo and Ignition installed.